A life settlement company that financially assists terminally or chronically ill patients that have existing life insurance or annuity products. We are dedicated to providing financial options for those who qualify for the program, converting their Life Insurance Policy to cash in a Life Settlement process.

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As a Life Settlement provider, our services and solutions focus on maximizing the value of your assets in the fastest amount of time

What is an Asset Conversion?

An Asset Conversion is a process in which a person sells their existing life insurance policy (life or viatical settlement), structured annuity, or similar product to a third party institutional investment group for a lump sum cash payment.

The purchaser becomes entitled to the product’s future beneficial rights. The lump sum payment the seller receives is determined by the costs (expenses, premiums and other charges required to maintain the product), estimated rates of return (the amount of future return the investment group expects), and the medical underwriting conducted for each Insured.

The Asset Conversion Solutions® program differentiates itself from the typical secondary markets for these financial products by reducing the period between seller interest and the lump sum payout.

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